Duke's Birth Story

Duke's birth story is a story of Victory!! Momma desperately wanted a VBAC but was told by her previous OB that would never happen. After having an emergency c-section with their now 2 1/2 year old daughter, Sarah, was so scared that Duke's birth would end in a c-section as well. That was until she found her wonderful midwife, Melissa, and her doula, Deb. Those two ladies gave her the confidence and strength to fulfill her dreams of a vaginal birth. I will never forget the feeling in that after Duke emerged, crying and covered in birth frosting (vernix).  All Sarah kept saying was "I did it!" I have never been more proud to be a woman and her friend! I truly believe that her positive birth experience is due to her amazing support team: Her husband Nick, her Midwife, Melissa, and her Doula Deb. I hope you'll enjoy these images as much as I do. Congratulate Sarah on her amazing delivery and adorable little boy!!