I love photographing births, thats no secret. But one thing I love most about the births is watching the dads; watching these big men being little balls of mush as they become dads; watching men who never cry, cry! 

Theres always so much focus on the mom and baby that many people forget about the dad. Dads are supposed to make the phone calls, hold her hand and take the photos.  Well, I cant make the phone calls, and sometimes I can hold her hand but I can always take the photos!!! 

Some of my favorite photos are of the dads! Those moments that never would have been remembered if I wasn't there. Well, Im here to show you some of those moments. I hope you enjoy them. I hope you show your husbands these photos, to show them the benefit of a birth photographer, the benefit of letting your hubby off the hook to take the photos. Enjoy!