Sydney's Lemonade Stand Smash Cake Session {SCP Studio; Lexington, KY}

Smash cake sessions are the most fun sessions!!!! I love watching little ones destroy and/or cry at, their cake. We laugh the while time! one year olds are just fun! Sydney was no exception  She was so silly and happy! She brought along her Mickey Mouse because, well, he needed to be in photos as well. She also brought mommy's wedding dress, those were some of the sweetest photos. I know shell look back those and cherish them. 

Mom wanted to coordinate her smash cake session to match her 1st Birthday party, so we had a Lemonade Stand themed smash cake.  I love the bright yellow and pink. Mom had the cutest accessories and Sydney got to play with lemons before we brought out the cake. She loved it but in true girly form, barely ate any and didn't get to messy.